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March 29, 2016

Accuracy Improving Has Been the New Development Trend of Carbide Cutting Tools

Tungsten carbide is a new tool material, because of its excellent performances such as high hardness, wear resistance, compressive strength, more chaos chemical resistance, adhesion and heat resistance, carbide tools has cutting efficiency 5-10 times than high-speed steel cutting tools , and it can be used for machining of high hardness materials which high-speed steel cutting tools can not do, tungsten carbide has earned a large proportion in tool materials. 


Cutting is the most basic and reliable means of precision machining, which plays an important role in mechanical, electrical, electronic and other modern industrial sectors. New tool materials can greatly improve cutting production rate, processing accuracy, surface quality and expand processing areas, reduce tool consumption, access to huge economic benefits. New tool materials plays a huge role in promoting the development of machinery manufacturing. Therefore, the development, promotion and use of new materials is an important part of the new techonological revolution in mechanical manufacturing field.


Today, the main trend of Carbide industrial development is:


First, in order to meet the needs of modern science and technology development to precision direction, since the seventies, the accuracy request to carbide blades/carbide inserts for cutting tools has significantly progressed. Therefore,carbide manufacturers are producing carbide with continuous improvement of its precision. 


Second, better production technology and equipment are requred to meet requirements of production of precision products. In recent years, low-pressure hot isostatic sintering equipments and technology make the density of carbide products close to theoretical value up to 99.999%, significantly advances the quality of products.


Third, in order to improve processing efficiency and adapt to the requirements of new automation lathes, we developed a number of new carbide materials, such as ultra-fine carbide, gradient carbide, carbide bipolar, self-lubricating carbide, nanoscale carbide, carbide with super-hard coatings etc..


At the same time, carbide production has been developing to support the further processing tools.   In our country, although carbide production is an emerging industry, but kt carried out rapidly, especially after the reform and opening up. Currently, carbide production in our country has been in the forefront of the world, the product grades, models also more fully, and quality of many products have reached international advanced level, the output value and profits grow steadily.

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